Chikodili Agwuna

A twenty something grad student crawling toward her dreams in Los Angeles.

Co-Founder of Chormeri Books


A ‘Chik-Chat’ is a conversation. Not an argument. A conversation. An open conversation. An open, honest conversation. A conversation where we meet in the middle of our conflict. A conversation that can get heated, but never nasty. A conversation that aims to enlighten and inform. A conversation that both people leave with a better understanding of opposing views. A conversation that hopefully with resolution and peace. I have thousands of chik-chats a week. I learn and grow through conversation. And I hope you will too.

Miley. What’s good?

If you didn’t already know, Miley Cyrus recently made some comments about hip hop that has the community up in arms. I read what was printed in the Billboard article and I’m sure she’s being sincere. She doesn’t really understand what she’s doing. No one who culturally appropriates black culture ever knows what they’re doing. …